We like to innovate. Whether its a new organic fruit oil, a fruit flour, or a custom blended and manufactured ingredient for cosmeceutical, food functional, or animal supplementation, you can count on I&W Research to deliver the results you need. On time, to specification, and within your budget - with quality raw materials, sourced from pristine British Columbia and Quebec, Canada. We believe in using science, integrity and innovation to grow sustainable business.

Our in house research and product development, currently supported by the National Research Council and in collaboration with Agriculture Canada, focuses on the development of new organic ingredients for use in cosmeceutical and food functional applications. Our in house lab capability includes full characterization of our fruit oils and flours, including, total fat, free fatty acids, p-anisidines and peroxides.

We offer the latest scientific findings, application notes or general background on our natural berry based ingredients to support our customers marketing efforts. To request a copy of one of our Whitepapers listed below, email a request to info@i-and-w.com.

WHITEPAPER #1: Compilation of Phytochemical Data for Blackberry, Blueberry, Red & Black Raspberry and Cranberry Seed, Seed meal and Seed Flour
WHITEPAPER #2:  Compilation of Phytochemical Data for Whole Blackberry, Blueberry, Red & Black Raspberry and Cranberry Fruit
WHITEPAPER #3: Compilation of Compositional Data for Blackberry, Blueberry, Red & Black Raspberry and Cranberry Seed Oils
WHITEPAPER #4: Functional Foods - Backgrounder
WHITEPAPER #5: Functional Foods Fact Sheet: Antioxidants
WHITEPAPER #6: Functional Foods Fact Sheet- Omega 3 Fatty Acids
WHITEPAPER #7: Functional Foods Fact Sheet: Plant Stanols and Sterols


Stay tuned for more Cosmetics and Animal Health Whitepapers coming soon...

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