I &W Research, Inc. is Canada’s premier producer and supplier of certified organic and conventional berry ingredients for the natural cosmetic, animal health and food functional industries. Our specialty oils, flours, fibres and concentrates, rich in phyto-nutrients, proteins, essential fatty acids and macronutrients, will increase the efficacy, nutritional quality and marketability of your products.

Our focus is on quality and flexibility, ensuring the purest ingredients that best suit your needs. If our current product line does not include what you need, we can produce it. We work directly with the biggest berry growers and processors, to ensure superb quality, 100% traceability, and consistency in raw material supply.

About our Products

Our fruit seed oils and flours are GMO-free and are guaranteed free of any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, chemical solvents, or enzymes. We produce many certified organic fruit oils, meals and flours, that are available only through us.

For our conventional products we select materials from growers that utilize Integrated Pest Management (IPM). This method of production captures synergistic relationships within the agricultural-ecosystem, and uses pest resistant varieties, crop rotation, natural predators and efficient irrigation. This ecological approach can significantly reduce or eliminate the use of pesticides, and ultimately allows for a superior product with minimal impact on the environment.

Most of our raw materials are sourced in Canada, and we guarantee traceability and quality by regular in-house and third party testing. Our commitment to product quality also extends to packaging under inert atmospheres, vacuum sealing, limited storage time, and temperature logging. Our ingredients are exported and used by leading companies in France, Italy, Germany, Denmark, UK, Russia and the USA.

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Commitment to Sustainability

Our commitment to sustainable business practice goes beyond recycled packaging and printed materials. We continually work to achieve a minimal or zero impact on our environment; a metric for our success. We are proud of the fact that all I&W shipments are carbon free. The greenhouse gases produced during transport of your shipment to you, is offset by I&W through the purchase of carbon credits from an independently audited non profit organization. These funds are currently used in energy efficiency and renewable energy projects that truly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and meet or exceed Canadian environmental standards.